For Juke Joint Jumpin’ Good Time Party Blues

Kevin & The Krawlers can’t be beat.


Let’s Dance ventured the other night into rock hopping blues popping heart stopping music land also known as 6th street Austin. We peaked into The Dizzy Rooster and found an old friend blowing the harp. Kevin Cheny is a true south side born and raised musical talent. He says he learned to play the harmonica by walking the railroad tracks through Manchaca and later picked up the flute due to the influence of Jethro Tull. Playing each with a nonstop intensity that will take your breath away, he only stops for air when California rocker Jeff Grant throws gas on the fire with his guitar. These guys are hot.

From the moment Kevin and The Krawlers flip on their sound gear, they burst out of the gate and never slow down during their entire performance. From ZZ Top’s classic Tush to Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode, you know they got their MoJo Workin’. In order for Kevin to catch his breath, Jeff takes the mic with a Junior Wells standard, Messin’ With The Kid. After a night with these guys, you will know that when you hear the hum of an amplifier just before it is clicked off  the party  is over. Indeed, good time party blues at its best!


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