Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young

But Not Before You Catch The Ferel Four


Let’s Dance was in The Broken Spoke the other night and gave a listen to The Ferel Four in the front room. They bill themselves as classic honky tonk and Dennis Ku delivers. With a smooth as silk voice and a feel for the music; he does George Jones, Buck Owens, Johnnies  Cash and Paycheck and especially Ray Price just how you like it.

Stylistically, The Ferel Four are laid back and eminently danceable. Listen to Invitation To The Blues and see if you don’t start two steppin’ around the kitchen. Want to speed things up? then polka around the living room with Tennessee Border. Now that you are getting loose, you had better move out to the patio and kick the lawn chairs out of the way because you’ll want to swing your partner around for this one.

If you are just down and out and don’t feel much like dancing, maybe just shuffling around a bit; then The Ferel Four can sing the blues right out of you. Whatever your taste in music or how you view partying, you will enjoy what The Ferel Four has to offer. And remember…

Before you die young,  do yourself a favor and  catch The Ferel Four at The Tavern On Main in Buda or follow them on FaceBook for their show times.




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