We handle all the details.

Come in out of the sun, sit and eat a catered dinner, drink some beer and dance the night away. We have or can get tents for any size gathering. From simple 10’ X10’ popups to showy 30’ X 60’ high peak Marquis pole tents to the conventional frame tents with optional sidewalls, we can put you in the shade

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Let’s Dance has a selection of each type on hand in order to provide your party or special event with a tent that will fit your needs. Even though our inventory is low compared to huge party tent renters we have established a relationship with the regional rental centers so that we can provide you with the exact tent you require at competitive rates.

The smaller pop up tent is easy on the budget yet can provide shading for seated guests with or without tables and/or shading over a dance floor. For larger events, the Marquis tent with its high peak gives a sense of roominess but will have center poles inside the tent while the frame style of tents only have perimeter tent poles.

Whatever type and size tent you require you can be certain that Let’s Dance will have it delivered and set up for your special party or event.

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Let’s Dance can also provide all the incidentals that will complete and enhance the party experience. Besides tents we have:

  • Tables & chairs
  • Patio heaters
  • Party lights
  • air chillers
  • misters


These quite high volume fans come with three user adjustable speeds and oscillating fan head. 16-in to 18-in diameter fan blades. White color fits all decors. 120 VAC. Inexpensive and effective!



These unique, patented evaporative cooler with high efficiency rigid cooling media produces effective/efficient cooling even in high relative humidity conditions. Durable one-piece molded plastic polyethylene housing, 3/4-in. hose connection and flexible capabilities for ducting. Lowers surrounding air temperature by as much as 20°F in average conditions. Cools up to 2400 SF.



High-pressure, 1,000 PSI no-drip mister nozzles distribute ultra-fine vapor at the 30-inch fan head, moving up to 8,000 CFM and cools up to 1,200 SF per fan, with three fans per 1000 psi pump system. When properly adjusted, atomized droplets means you can stand directly in front of these fans and never get wet! Like other evaporative coolers, surrounding air temperature is lowered by as much as 20°F in average conditions.



Uses a standard garden hose to create an evaporating stream of mist. Suitable wherever summer clothing is worn. Cools up to 1, 200 SF per fan with air delivery of 7,000 – 9,100 CFM.


Propane 32,000 BTU Patio Heater