Event Production

Event Production Austin

Let’s Dance Austin specializes in bringing musical entertainment to your back yard party or special event. For a once in a life time party or an annual event that each year just gets better and better, we can deliver and set up the stage, a dance floor, stage lighting, and an outdoor specific sound system tailored to your home or company facility. 

In addition, we will book the band of your choice.  Check out our favorite bands and vocalists on our entertainment page or call for an appointment to pick a local or regional band from our ‘scrapbook’.

All our equipment is modular and we can size the production to fit your event. Let’s Dance can provide a smaller stage and dance floor with one or two musicians or for the bigger special event or company party we can bring the whole show with a stage full of talented and popular musicians and a larger dance floor.  

We can provide a truss system to hang a customer designed backdrop with your company logo or hang a happy birthday banner for your teen idol. A complete stage lighting system will round out the package.

Event Staging Austin, Buda Texas

Within the Greater Austin area, Let’s Dance can mobilize and bring the party to you with a system that will provide exceptional sound in a semicircular area out to 50 yards. Think of three side-by-side football fields out to the 50 yard line. Larger outdoor concerts will require more advanced planning and logistical support, so if you have that rodeo concert or festival musical event in mind, call us now.

Let’s Dance Austin fully staffs all events large or small to ensure a smooth operation and a memorable party. Our sound engineers are leaders in their field and with one of our Yamaha 24 or 32 channel sound mixers we will make the band sound as good as they ever have.  We also have an assortment of 8 and 12 channel mixers for smaller events to fit your budget.

Your wedding party, private get-together or company event will not be complete without dancing. We have a portable dance floor that we will set up on your lawn or parking lot to make your party or event, the talk of the town.  Having fun and throwing a great party is one thing; hosting an event that people will always remember takes a bit more. Let’s Dance will put your party over the top. Call today.