Take Me Out To The Dancehall

Peoples Choice At Mercer Street


Let’s Dance made it to Dripping Springs to see an old favorite dance band that we have followed for a long, long time. Are you wondering if we have been around that long? Well we have.

Their website says they have been entertaining audiences in and around Texas for decades, though they don’t say just how many decades.  In any case, we danced many a night at the old Club 21 before it tragically burned to the ground. One of the oldest dance halls in Texas, it sported ceiling rafters that were slowly curvedclub21b by alternately soaking the beams in a nearby creek  and bending and fastening until they held their shape. The original wooden plank dance floor were worn and would have many stories to tell about love lost and love gained but mostly about the neighboring folk’s love for dancing.

This was the kind of dance hall that was open to all ages. Fathers and mothers danced with their children holding them in their arms as they two stepped and swung to the music. Grandmas and grandpas were in attendance and often had a BYOB bottle sitting on their tables. Adolescents and teenagers danced with their brothers or sisters or their new beau.cllub21a Like our memories, the Club 21 lives in the past and certainly never to be the same again.

This post did not start out as a tome for old dance halls but old  is one thing Peoples Choice and I and especially James Hembree and I have in common. We are from the same west Texas roots and have been around a long time and have listened to music most of you guys have never heard.

Peoples Choice were and still are a popular dance and party band in the Buda area and promptly moved their show to the Painted Horse on hwy 1626. You can catch them next at The Cotton Club in Granger, August 8. Be sure and request the Cherry Pie song.

Here’s to old dance halls.


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