You Know The Broken Spoke Has A Lot of Country

But Did You Know It Has a Cowboy?

Ben Stafford Rodgers is his name and he can often be found in the front room of the Broken Spoke singing old cowboy type ballads. That’s where Let’s Dance caught up with him to get a few videos. We had met Ben earlier in discussions of promoting a ‘wild west show’Capture in the near future and wanted to hear him sing. Ben has a soft melodious voice much as I imagine he would sing to the cattle out on the trail to keep them quiet and restful. Don’t want no stampedes donchaknow. When is the last time you heard this song? You might not have ever heard this one.

Ben Rodgers is not just a cowboy singer, he is a showman. He has appeared in movie and television westerns and has learned all the cowboy tricks of the trade– gun slinging, rope twirling, bullwhipping and swaggering up to the saloon girls. Ben can produce a full Texas swing dance orchestra or sing solo around your campfire. Heck! He can fix you a trail breakfast right out of his authentic chuckwagon. Ben knows more real cowboys than all of us put together and he can bring them all to your next party… and the aforementioned saloon girls. I have to warn you though, not all them cowboys are shy and retiring; some are down right desperadoes. There could be some gun play.

There is only one thing certain with these kinds of cowboys. They will always be back in the saddle again.

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